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How to make money with dating application

How to make money with dating application

Making up a wireframe. On this stage, your ideas and sketches are drawn out in one picture. Wireframing reflects everything that is going to be on each page of linked over here an application and the way it’s connected. It also enables evaluation of the scope of the project and understanding how it’s going to look in practice.

Designing. Before you start coding, you must deal with design. Your dating app has to look and feel good. With User Experience (UX) you can set up the interaction system of the design elements, and User Interface (UI) will provide the look and beauty for your app. It’s very important for a dating app to have a user-friendly interface and ease of use, because customers won’t be eager to spend plenty of time examining how this application works.

Coding itself. When it comes to coding, keep in mind that there must be some specific features in dating apps, such as login, user profile, app and discovery settings, chat, geolocation, matchings, premium features, integration with some social network (Facebook, Instagram), etc.

Testing your application. Before your application is on the market it’s very important to make it reachable to the users who will beta test it. There must be some people using your application and providing feedback. The most important thing of this stage is not only letting users show its drawbacks, but also demonstrating an app to them so that they will be eager to use it and even promote this app in the future.